Structured as a documentary murder mystery, with each suspect in the EV1's "murder" being investigated and pegged with a motive, Who Killed the Electric Car? makes no bones about the fact that something stinks in the story of the sudden demise of the car that came by the too-fitting name of The Impact. And it smells a lot like gasoline.

— Toronto Star

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WKTEC Teacher's Guide

Who Killed The Electric Car? Teacher's Guide

This Teacher's Guide, written by Brian Daniels, makes it easy for teachers to use the film, either on its own or to supplement an existing curriculum, to teach environmental concepts.

Included are: discussion prompts, class activities, research suggestions, an index of specific clips in the film by subject, a structured program for discussing the ethical and civic questions involved, and even tips for using the film as a foundation for student research.

Biodiesel - wiki

This website wiki is a complete resource on Biodiesel and one of the best on the internet. It contains everything from how-to's, to statistics, and practical information on creating your own. Updated regularly to keep current.

Plug In America

Plug In America

Join Plug In America in their efforts to bring back electric cars. "Plug In America advocates the use of plug-in cars, trucks and SUVs powered by cleaner, cheaper, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment."

Contact Automakers

Contact one of these Car Companies below to let them know that you want your next car to be a plug-in:


Actions to Improve Industry

Jumpstart Ford Campaign - Nationwide action led by The Rainforest Action Network to help Ford Motor Co. improve fleet economy:
Union of Concerned Scientists - Request to auto makers to stop incorrectly advertising cars as "emissions-free":

Hybrid cars

NRDC - Break the Chain:
Hybrid Cars - Great starting point for hybrid vehicle research:
Greener Cars:
BQ-9000 - National Accreditation Program for producers/marketers
Bio-Willie Biodiesel - Home of Willie Nelson's Farm Fresh Biodiesel - The Petroleum Marketers Association of America.
Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America (New Society Publishers, available Fall, 2006):

Electric Car and Plug-In Hybrid Research & Development

AC Propulsion - developer the tZero super-car, numerous conversions, and technologies:
Cal Cars - California Car Initiative to develop clean, efficient, and practical vehicles:
EDrive Systems - producer of plug-in hybrid systems:
Energy CS - developer of plug-in hybrid:
Valence Technology - developer of advanced Li-Ion batteries for electric cars:

Electric Car Publications, Documentaries, and Articles

CBS News '30 Minutes' Report "Ford: Broken Promise" - about the Th!nk City electric car: (note - please turn up your speaker volume)
Electrifying Times - Latest electric car news:
EV Charger News, including video clip of Tom Hanks describing his passion for electric cars on The Late Show with David Letterman:
EV World online magazine:

Sites for Electric Vehicle Education and Action

Darell Dickey's personal EV knowledge web site:
Air America Radio's Eco Talk blog:
EV1 Club Home page:
Electric Vehicle Email Discussion List - forum to discuss the current state of the art and future direction of electric vehicles:
Original GM web site (circa Gen II model):
Skat-Foundation - Electric Vehicle web sites on infrastructure and organizations:
Yahoo Groups discussion of the EV1 vigil and car demolition - check into List online daily, or subscribe!:

Actions to Stop Crushing Electric Cars

The successful fight to save the Toyota RAV 4 EV from being crushed:  and 
The successful fight to keep Ford Ranger EV's on the road:
A personal site, dedicated to the EV1 campaign:
Save EV1 Campaign - 24hour Vigil and Action to Rescue 78 GM all-electric EV1 cars:
Advocates of the Th!nk City Electric car:

Activist Sites

The successful fight to keep Ford Ranger EV's on the road:
A personal site, dedicated to the EV1 campaign:
Save EV1 Campaign - 24hour Vigil and Action to Rescue 78 GM all-electric EV1 cars:
Advocates of the Th!nk City Electric car:
Plug in America, an organization dedicated to promoting electric cars, and plug in hybrids:
Electric Auto Association, founded in 1967, is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles:
Set America Free– a coalition concerned about the economic and security implications of America’s dependence on oil that promotes plug in hybrids:
Action Hero Network, information and inspiration to empower and activate
Stop Hidden Gas Taxes, Exposes how the Oil Industry financed deceptive PR campaign in California:
Plug in Austin is encouraging the use of plug in hybrid cars, first in Austin, Texas, and in every city in the USA:

Sites Promoting the Hydrogen Highway

A new site from the US government which provides information on the Department of Energy's Hydrogen Program and which ties together Federal agency activities related to hydrogen:
Energy Future Coalition - A broad-based, nonpartisan alliance that seeks to bridge the differences among business, labor, and environmental groups and identify energy policy options with broad political support. The coalition aims to bring about changes in U.S. energy policy to address the economic, security and environmental challenges related to the production and use of fossil fuels with a compelling new vision of the economic opportunities that will be created by the transition to a new energy economy:
The Florida Hydrogen Initiative is a non-profit corporation comprised of public leaders, university researchers, citizens, and industry representatives that uses grant funded projects to move Florida to the forefront of the nation's hydrogen economy:
Focuses on hydrogen and fuel cell powered automobiles as the driver of the development of the hydrogen economy. It covers automobile manufacturers and new car models in great detail. They offer a free online newsletter as well as a paid print magazine subscription:
A detailed and authoritative source for fuel cell news, commentary, resources and business opportunities. Publishes surveys. Provides a snap shot of the stock prices of publicly traded fuel cell companies:
A company in the United Kingdom which provides detailed information regarding the research and companies developing hydrogen and fuel cell related technologies in Europe:
Provides extensive information on fuel cells and hydrogen. Offers both a career and education center. Has many comprehensive charts and product comparisons as well as interactive maps showing where fuel cells are currently installed and what companies are working on the technology, and what universities offer fuel cell and hydrogen courses:
Hydrogen Now! is an international organization dedicated to making the hydrogen economy—clean burning hydrogen instead of fossil fuels—a reality for the world. We are composed of global leaders in industry, government, and the scientific community who believe that it is not only possible, but imperative, that hydrogen becomes a principal energy carrier for fueling mankind's needs:
Website of the American Hydrogen Association:
U.S. Fuel Cell Council - A business association for anyone seeking to foster the commercialization of fuel cells in the United States":
National Fuel Cell Research Center - The mission of the NFCRC is to promote and support the genesis of a fuel cell industry by providing technological leadership within a vigorous program of research, development and demonstration. By serving as a locus for academic talent of the highest caliber and a non-profit site for the objective evaluation and improvement of industrial products:
National Energy Technology Laboratory - Federally owned and operated, the NETA mission is "We Solve National Energy and Environmental Problems." NETL performs, procures, and partners in technical research, development, and demonstration to advance technology into the commercial marketplace, thereby benefiting the environment, contributing to U.S. employment, and advancing the position of U.S. industries in the global market:
Fuel Cells Canada is a non-profit, national industry association whose mission it is to accelerate Canada's world-leading fuel cell and hydrogen industry. We are the prime source of services and support to Canadian corporations, educational institutions and business alliances promoting, developing, demonstrating, and deploying fuel cell and related products and services in Canada:
California Hydrogen Business Council - A very active business community with some major players:
The US Dept of Energy - The Federal Government's website devoted to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Links to all kinds of terrific resources:


Directory for locating Neighborhood Electric Vehicle dealers, parts and accessories:
Vehicle buyers guide, sponsored by the US Department of Energy:
Informatoin and testing fact sheets on NEVs:
A discussion group for those who own or who are considering owning an NEV –  information on maintenance, options, sales, insurance, tax considerations, and common driving issues: